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Warehouse Facility Operations commence in Medagama

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Our latest warehouse facility at Medagama, Bandaragama is conveniently located 10mins from the Galanigama interchange with easy access to Kesbewa and Bandaragama junctions. This complex is a state-of-the-art facility built for efficiency and comprises over 30,000sqft of floor capacity, an office, workers’ and security facilities with an  efficient layout, 3 unloading and 5 loading bays, 32ft width carpeted access from the Bandaragama Kesbewa main road and other infrastructure facilities built to very high standards.

DPL’s  ability to offer storage space with a range of value-added services ranging from sorting, labelling, pick & pack, kitting, ratio packing, with  distribution to client desired locations invites potential customers to make this facility their own strategic hub. We are able to provide 3PL services from this location with brand new racking, fork lifts, dedicated / on-demand trucks, operators for loading / unloading, stacking and delivery of products with utmost care.