Be the best you were born to be

This workshop conducted by Mr. Dhammika Kalapuge was held at Facilities Complex II. It was for personnel of officer and above grades and focused on developing energized and engaged teams to confront business challenges in a proactive and prudent way; to accomplish overall objectives of the company. The importance of system thinking, effective sharing and delegating responsibilities, self-discipline, far sighted leadership, clear process and procedural controls and nurturing a performance-based culture were emphasized in the workshop.

 Date : 16/02/2019



Be the best version of you for Drivers and Driver Assistants

This workshop was conducted by Mr. Mohan Palliyaguru at Facilities Complex II. It was for personnel from the manual grade and focused on imparting insights of how to have a balanced and productive life.  In so doing, work life balance, performing the job with high integrity and loyalty, effective control of personal income- expenses were emphasized by Mr. Palliyaguru using numerous real life examples. Further, it was highlighted that real development is self-development which can be achieved by working hard and collaboratively whilst upholding human values such as love, respect, patience etc.

Date : 24/03/2019

Awareness programme for Drivers and Driver Assistants

The primary aim of this awareness session conducted by Mr. Laksiri Kumarasinghe, General Manager, held at Facilities Complex II auditorium was to emphasize the importance of maintaining good conduct at the workplace in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Basic disciplinary matters such  as punctuality, attendance, wearing uniforms,  procedure for applying leave,  adhering to reporting structure, importance of collaboration etc was highlighted. In addition Mr. Pubudu Dissanayake , Mr. Nadun Thenuwara and Mr. Piyal  Perera along with the automobile team of experts delivered presentations on the Accident Reporting procedure, Vehicle Maintenance procedure, and Technical know-how of vehicle maintenance respectively. The session was lively and full of interaction.

Date : 15/06/2019

Be the best version of you for Office Staff

Mr. Mohan Palliyaguru elaborated many self-development and professional development rules/ principles/ techniques which are of paramount importance to create productive personnel , not only for the organization but also in society. This session was held at Facilities Complex II auditorium.  He stressed the fact that ‘change of self’ leads to ‘change of organization’ and responsibility for change of self  is lifelong learning which purely lies with the  individual. Mr. Palliyaguru used numerous real examples to inspire  and educate the audience to be more energetic,  objective- oriented,  content  and agile in their personal and professional lives.  The workshop was made interesting and interactive with personal development exercises, team work and one-to-one discussions.

Date : 22/06/2019